Earn Your Blogging Badge

Magic Macguffin campers are going to be posting a lot of content to their blog, sharing the things they create at camp, photos and videos and camp activities, writing letters home, etc. While would never suggest that there is one best way to write to your site (for that is what you are to learn as you go, to develop a style), below we outline some guidelines for being Blogging Champs based on our experiences.

Link to archived page with blogging tips: http://ds106.us/docs/Blogging_Tips

5 Responses to “Earn Your Blogging Badge”

  1. Hatchet Jack (@olHatchetJack) says:

    Hatchet Jack would like to comment on the three points.
    Write in your own voice.
    Grab ‘em with a strong headline
    Use Media (a lot of media)

    If yer own voice scares you, write in the third person, says Hatchet Jack.

    Use yer name in yer headline. It will help you remember who you are.

    Hatchet Jack just discovered that pictures are stronger than words. Or something.

    Generally, Hatchet Jack don’t care for administrators, but Martha and The CogDog are good folks. Listen close campers.

  2. Benjamin Decardi-Nelson says:

    Great. On my way to earn my badge…

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