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Must the sky be blue?

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Use creative commons licensed images to design a poster about how groovy Creative Commons is!

Using Compfight, I found this photo by Ross Webdale. I added text and the Creative Commons icon in photoshop.

I chose the back ground image because ever since I was a small child, coloring has been a fun and most times therapeutic hobby. I was taught how to color by my grandmother. I remember her sitting me down on the floor with a coloring book and large bucket of crayons. She instructed, “Now, be careful, stay inside the lines.” Yet, the joy of a creative mind is finding ways to purposefully stray outside those lines. Rebel against what is normal. The whole premise of Creative Commons is a community that creates new things and shares their creativity with the world. So why should we color inside the lines, stick to the mainstream notions that the sky is blue, and bottle the creative juices inside?