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Wait, is that Lindsey Lohan?

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

“Wait, Where’d that guy come from?” I thought would be fun to do and apparently so did a lot of other people! I decided to clash Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the infamous Lindsey Lohan doing one of her sexy poses. Try and find her!

HarryPotterandLL? © by katherinekd101katherinekd101

I uploaded each image to Photoshop and reduced the size of Lindsey Lohan to make her squeeze into the frame. I then used the “Lasso” tool to get an exact cutout of her body and face to copy and paste into the image of Harry Potter and classmates circling the Goblet of Fire.


I chose to do Harry Potter because I am a Harry Potter fan/geek/way too obsessed with the books and movies. It only seemed appropriate. I chose Lindsey Lohan because she has been notorious for stealing the medias attention in the past years with “scandalous” stunts. So who would be better to steal the attention from this great scene?

Image can be found on my FLICKR account :)