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Karma, Choose a word

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Karma, is the one word I always have lived by and plan to live by for the rest of my life. (So deep I know) I truly believe in its meaning, what goes around comes around, if you treat someone in a certain expect the something in a similar way returned. I have lived my life around the concept of Karma and so far I’ve been doing alright and I am happy with were I am in my life.


Karma image © by katherinekd101

I put the word “karma” in a circle because its a continuos cycle that lasts forever.


The way I developed this was through a word document. I used cursive because of how well each letter flows together forming a more fluid circle shape. I chose the color blue, well honestly because its my favorite color. :)


This image can be found on my FLICKR account too: