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Guess that Catchphrase!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

This image was created in two parts. First, in Word, I created the body out of shapes and text. Second, in photoshop, I layered what I had done in Word on top of a rainbow background. Then erased the white background from around the body.

Brainstorming is always the hardest part of anassignment. This was no different. I love many characters that have many wonderful catchphrases. Which one do I choose? In the end, this catchphrase won out. You have to guess, so I can’t give too much away. Yet, my love for this catchphrase and the character behind it all started with my mother. She loves to educate me on older shows that my generation do not know. It often starts with her saying a phrase that I don’t understand. She will explain where it came from and sometimes I actually get to see for myself. The show that this catchphrase comes from captured my attention immediately and I couldn’t get enough. This is Jolie, signing off from Camp Magic MacGuffin!