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Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Take a famous character’s catchphrase and illustrate it into an image.

I loved this assignment and had too many ideas, so I decided to make a tutorial. My sister and I love Lost in Space. We were introduced to the show when we didn’t understand why our mother went around saying, “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!” She promptly sat us down with the entire show on DVD.

Step One: Use photoshop and open the two pictures you will use.


Step Two: Use the Lasso Tool and carefully trace around Will Robinson’s face.

Step Three: Copy what you just traced and paste onto the other picture.

Step Four: Use Free Transform to resize the face.

Step Five: Group the Layers together. Then Duplicate the image.

Step Six: Select the duplication. Copy Merged and Paste into first group.

Step Seven: Move the layers so that one of them is partially hidden beneath the other.

Save your image and your finished! You successfully created an image for a catchphrase form Lost in Space.