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Learning to Listen

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

I have been taking an online class at UC/Denver called “Digital Storytelling in the Curriculum.” The author of this digital story called “Learning to Listen,” is Matt Lewis. He introduces himself this way:

“About a year ago I took the stage in front of about 30 people to tell a 10-minute story I wrote and developed in a workshop the weeks prior. I loved the energy of the room before and after the performance. I loved hearing all the other stories. In the weeks prior, I relished in the art of crafting stories that could be told with universal themes, connections to people, and reflections on life. I found myself devouring stories from the Moth, This American Life, and Risk! story podcasts. I’m hooked on storytelling!

Since then my colleague, Mustafa Sakarya, and I have been waving the storytelling flag all across campus at Mercy College. We say that learning must include learning FROM life. It’s a process of deep reflection, meta-cognition that can only happen after you’ve told someone about an experience. Building opportunities for this into classroom activities and assignments continues to be a fun and rewarding journey.”