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week 2 letter home

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Having a blast at Camp Magic Macguffin — and this is just the beginning! The daily creates are my favorite part of camp so far. Kind of like arts and craft, ds106 style. I like the immediacy of the assignments — I tend to be somewhat hard on myself in judging what I do/make, and so far I’m proud of what I’ve produced and contributed. I am super stoked that we’ll focus on visual assignments in week 3. I’ve always liked photography, the random chanciness of it. Before tdc I never used photobooth, which is easy and fun. I’m forward to more filming projects — I want to explore more possibilities in digital storytelling as a narrative form. I already have a few stories that I want to tell, and it will be fun figuring out how to mix it all together in a bubbling digital stew. I am digging it.

Speaking of digging, as a proud member of bunkhouse 2 — Wäscälly Wäbbits — I started our wäbbit patch (aka victory garden) this past weekend. Tomatoes and peppers and basil — oh my! I tried to upload the pictures I took but I think they are too big. I have to figure out how to make them smaller, and once I do I’ll edit this post and throw ‘em up here. If you all want me to plant somethin’ special, lemme hear! We will feast on the fruits of our labor all summer long.

Well, that’s it for now. There was some suspicious looking rusty garden shears left near our wäbbit patch this morning. Do they belong to Ol Hatchet Jack? I’ll post a picture of them here and the owner can claim them (again–once I figure out how to shrunk my photo files). Until then, I am one happy camper!

shaping our stories

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Kurt Vonnegut’s elements of a good story include (among other elements): time (stuff happens over time, from beginning to end), characters (whose status is determined by a number of factors), space (setting/environment), and action/plot (stuff happens, characters interact, fall in love or not, fight evil or not, prevail or not, etc). Rushmore is one of my favorite movies of all time (not including Dazed and Confused. As Wooderson says just keep L-I-V-I-N.). The hero of that movie, Max Fischer, follows the “Man in Hole” storytelling arc (as illustrated here by the awesome Maya Eilam. Max starts out in trouble because he is failing out of Rushmore. At the same time, he’s savvy and crafty and creative and energetic and can-do in every sense. He orchestrates his world, and when he can’t (cause we can’t totally control our world), he grows. I love Max because he is creative and an underdog. He is the maker of his own story. That kid embodies so much sadness and drive and goodness. Of course he has to win in the end, even if that winning end is bittersweet.