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Where on (Google) Earth #350?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Things have slowed down in the world of WoGE. Two of the last three have taken over 10 days to solve. Maybe it’s just because everyone is out enjoying fieldwork during the northern hemisphere summer. (When was our last southern hemisphere-based winner, anyhow?) Anyhow, I finally located WoGE newcomer Koen’s nested Mojave plutons in Joshua Tree National Monument after spending far too much time in the eastern Mojave Desert near the Colorado River and then prematurely giving up on the Mojave to scour the rest of the planet. I’m surprised an American WoGE locality went undiscovered for so long – a sure sign that my fellow American geobloggers are losing their competitive edge to the cadre of Europeans who have dominated recently.

I’m going to mix things up a bit with an oblique anaglyph view of the WoGE #350 locality – break out the red-blue glasses. [At Felix's request: here's the 2D (non-anaglyph) left eye view for those who don't have red-blue glasses.] It’s a challengingly small area, but there’s some fairly distinctive topography to balance that disadvantage. I expect this one to be hard to find, so I won’t invoke the Schott Rule (no waiting necessary). Your challenge is to identify the locality (generally specified by latitude and longitude) of the geologic feature seen below and provide as much geological explanation for the significance or origin of the feature as your can dig up. First to do so in the comments below will earn the right to post WoGE #351 on their own geoblog. If there isn’t any substantive progress within a week or so I’ll add hints.

Where on (Google) Earth #350 (anaglyph).

For those who want the 3D effect without the anaglyph glasses, here’s my first stab at making an animated GIF:

Where on (Google) Earth #350 (animated GIF).

Move along, pilgrim.