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Week 4: Design

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week at camp I learned about Design. We started with the basic elements of designs: color, typography, balance, rhythm, proportion, symbols, minimalism, function, and unity.  After an introduction to the basics of design, we were sent off in search of real-life examples. It opened my eyes to how we are literally surrounded by design 24/7. Our brains process design, subconsciously picking out the individual elements yet we never stop to actually think about the design and how it tells us a story.

Also, while learning about design, we were sent off to investigate Creative Commons. An organization that is devoted to open online sharing. They allow creativity and learning to span across the globe through the internet like it should. I not only learned about Creative Commons, but about who uses CC and how they use it.

This week, I dove into design. I found it eye-opening to how much can be expressed through design. Looking back, my favorite assignment this week was Illustrate a Catchphrase. I had so many ideas and just couldn’t stop myself. I love to play with symbols and illustrations, so to me, this assignment fell from heaven.

I am throughly exhausted! Yet, I am still strangely energized for next week. Bring it on because I can’t wait!

Excitedly yours,


Lost Mail

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Dear Family of Jolie Thomas,

We, at the pony express, deeply regret that your mail has been delayed in reaching you. The pony that was carrying the letters addressed to you got lost and was only found recently. We hope that these letters find you well and the delay has not caused you any unwarranted worry or concern.

Our sincerest apologies,

The PonyExpress


Dear Mom,

I know that you hated to drop me off at camp. Don’t worry I am excited and everyone is really nice here. It is a bit crazy as everyone is getting settled in here at camp and set up in the bunkhouses. I belong to Bunkhouse #4, just in case you want or need to send something. Something like, the flashlight I forgot to pack. It gets creepy here at night and there is no indoor plumbing (in true camp fashion). Give my love to everyone and make sure that my dearly loved sibling stays out of my room. I set up my domain and cannot wait to learn what we will be doing at camp.

Miss you already,



Dear Mom,

This week at camp we learned about story-telling. Simple, you say? Not so dear mother. There many different ways stories can be told, shared, and visualized. Especially, in this new age of everything digital and instantaneous. My favorite lesson this week was the Shape of Stories, the lecture was told by Kurt Vonnegut. He explained how you can show the shape of a story based on the events and plot line of the story. It was a fascinating topic that I truly enjoyed. I can’t wait for next week! I miss you tons. By the way, my bunkhouse is now called Slaughterhouse 4. So, please send me my flashlight. I need it desperately because I got lost on my way back from the mess hall one night and ended up near some toxic waste disposal center. I will have you know that it took me forever to get clean.

Cleanly yours,

Jolie Thomas