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Mmm Smoothies

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The goal of the “Consumer Mashup” was to take a store that you shop at often and incorporate the good you usually buy with the logo of that store. I am feign for smoothies and always go to Tropical Smoothie or Robecks. Lately however I have been choosing Tropical Smoothie. Not entirely sure why…maybe because of price or maybe because I feel cool drinking a “tropical” smoothie.

Regardless I decided to make my own logo for Tropical Smoothie instead of using theirs. I replaced the “i” in tropical and smoothie with an image of a smoothie drink from this establishment. Then I used PowerPoint to get a tropical/island themed background. I made the entire logo on PowerPoint. I made each letter a different color to make it vibrant and fun.

After I was finished I took a screen shot of the logo and uploaded it to FLICKR.

Tropical Smoothie ad © by katherinekd101