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Music Mash Up

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Dj’s tend to remix different songs to make a fun and entertaining soundtrack to listen to. It may seem easy to merge together multiple songs, but after working on this assignment, I found it very challenging.

The goal was to take clips from different songs and merge them together to make one single song. I used Garage Band for this assignment. The songs included (in order):

One More Time -Daft Punk

La Vie – The Deans List ( The Deans List produces their own music but incorporates usually one or two other songs into their work)

Dancing in the Dark – Dev

Love on Top – Beyonce

Garage Band offers free sound clips to use in songs, or looping songs together. I used “Club Beats” and “Jingles” as transitional sounds. I wanted to do a remix based on a music genre of pop/dance/club something fun to listen to. In my opinion it takes a certain skill to mash music together and actually make it sound nice.

I imported each song and layered them on top of each other by a second or two. Once the segment of the song I wanted was over, I clipped it (or cropped) out.