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Off Script with Keeme and scottlo – 001

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

A Podcast is Born

I had the extreme good fortune to be joined by Keeme Brown for today’s Daily Rounds. I’ve known Keeme since just about the beginning of my first journeys into Second Life in 2007. There are few people I’ve met who are as much fun to both talk and listen to.

Our plan was to chat on camera for a couple of minutes about some recent news from Corona Cay and our preparations for Second Life’s ninth birthday celebration (SL9B). But when two seasoned and grizzled podcasters get together with an open mic, things have the potential for going off on a tangent or two.

Thirty minutes in to it, we both seemed to realize that our talk was probably better suited to an audio podcast format than a static video of two dudes standing in front of flowers and an old radio on a platform in the sky. And that’s when the Off Script with Keeme and scottlo podcast was born. No telling if we’ll do another episode or this is a one off deal. Bottom line for me is that it was a blast. I guess the future depends on whether or not people want to hear more of this such stuff. That’s what the comments section is for.

(download audio)