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A Little bit of Pre-Production First

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

For my video assignments I choose two assignments I found to be very interesting.

  • Return to the Silent Era: Select a trailer or movie segment you can use for this assignment.  Outline the things you can add to make it more like silent movie style, or write the text you will use on the screens that display dialogue.
  • Vintage Educational Video Assignment: Identify an educational video you could use to create your own; create a script and set of media needs to complete  the assignment.

I began my research to make these two assignments happen for next week. I will utilize most programs on my computer and downloaded a few others that I will need to complete these assignments.

For the first assignment “Return to the Silent Era” – I selected a Modern Movie called “She’s the Man” and I will edit the movie to be a black and white silent film. It’s going to be challenging but the idea sounds awesome. I will also have to utilize iMovies to speed up or slow down the tempo of the film when it’s necessary. For the second assignment “Vintage Educational Video Assignment” – I am still searching for an educational video and will make an extended version of it, or even better. I have already created set of media for this assignment.

pre-production for my upcoming video projects….

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

One video assignment I am very excited about doing is Make a Scene from a Horror Film. I  already have been taking notes, brainstorming, and messing with the camera for it.

- I plan to create a scene not from an existing film, but a made up one

- Title Ideas: Attack of the Nerd Zombies, The PC Haunting (yes I know, I know… lol)

- I will need some dramatic background music.. I’ve looked up some sound clips on and can even take sounds from youtube clip if neccesary

- Might use “The Voice” for this scene/trailer

- Have been tinkering with shadow and lighting affects

- Will use family and friends as props/ghosts/zombies


The second assignment that really grabbed my attention is to make a 30 Second Documentary that shows moreso than tells something.

- I plan to do a documentary on how I program

- Another Idea is making and eating food (something simple like a sandwich or cereal… but of course it will be made out to be EPIC )

- I’ve been taking small video clips and photos of myself on the computer, eating, making food…

Those were just 2 of the ones that grabbed my attention that I am furthest along working on. Keep an eye out the next 2 days for final products!

Vintage Educational Video Project

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

This project sounds like great fun to me, and I figured I would mix the old style video with some current cutting edge science and tech. The video will be titled Curiosity: Your Friendly Robotic Explorer. My inital script is below, and the script itself kinda describes the graphics and video that I need to collect. Luckily, NASA and JPL has made it easy to find all this stuff.

I’ll need to find a kid to be Johnny, either one from the camp I am working at, or my own son John (who may be a little young for the part). I’ll just take stills of him to go into the video.

Also, I may right an “alternate ending” to insert in after the spacecraft sucessfuly lands (fingers crossed) so I can use the video with all of my 530 k-5 students when school starts later in August.

Here we go…

Open on starry sky with one unnaturrally bright object.

Narrator: Hey Johnny, did you ever wonder about that bright, red star in the night sky.

Johnny: No, not really.

Nar: Great! That star isn’t really a star at all, its a planet. The planet Mars.

Johnny: Um, ok…

Nar: Johnny, did you ever wonder about life on Mars. Were there living organisims on Mars in the past? Could there be things living on Mars now?

Johnny: No, not really.

Nar: Great! Scientists have wondered about life on Mars for a long time. Long ago, before we had powerful telescopes and orbiting spacecraft to take accurate imagry of Mars, scientists imagined that they saw series of canals crossing Mars’ surface and surmised that there was an advanced civilization of aliens living there. Once the Mariner spacecraft began flying by and orbiting Mars in the late 1960s and early 1970s we learned the truth. Mars’ surface is a vast desert, most likely devoid of life.

Johnny: Ok, good. That’s settled. Can I go now?

Nar: Not so fast, Johnny. There are still many questions about Mars’ past and even its present that haven’t been answered yet. Did Mars have vast oceans in its past, and could these oceans have hosted life? If so where did all of that water go? Is much of it still under Mars’ surface, and could there be life, microscopic or otherwise, living there now? It is these questions that the last two Mars rovers, Spirit and Oppurtunity, set off to begin answering 6 years ago and their big brother, Curiousity is heading to Mars to continue gathering data about now.

Spirit and Oppurtunity found evidence at both of thier landing sites, on opposite sides of Mars, that vast amounts of surface water once existed in the planet’s past. Curiosity will land with better, more powerful instuments that will be able to analize and determine how differnt rocks and soils were formed based on their chemistry.

Curiosity has two main cameras, a high-resolution camera mounted on its mast, and a digital microscope mouned on its arm that can be used to look close up at anything interesting it comes across. It has a laser spectromoter system that will blast rocks in front of the rover and do a quick analysis of their makeup with to see if it wants to do further investigation. Its arm has a grinder and collection system that can pick up samples and deposit them in the rover’s back where it houses a mini chemestry lab, including an x-ray spectrometor, a mass spectromotor, and a gas chromotograph, which will be able to identify any organics if they exist. The whole thing is powered by a small nuclear reactor almost identical to the ones that are still powering the Voyager craft 35 years after their launch.

Johnny: Wow, thats actually pretty cool!

Nar: You bet, kiddo! Now it just needs to get there safely, and that’s the most challenging part of the mission. The engineers who built Curiosity call the entry, decent, and landing sequence “The Seven Minutes of Terror”! The spacecraft will enter the atmosphere and slow itself down with atmospheric drag, shedding its heat shield once it is moving slowly enough. Next a parashoot will slow it down further, but not enough for it to land. It will eject the shoot, and engage landing thrusters bringing the rover almost to the surface. Finally, the landing craft will lower the rover with a crane system, cut the cables once its reached the surface, and then fly safely away from the rover. The rovers systems will wake up and get right to work.

Johnny. Um, that’s all amazing, and just a little crazy. When did you say this is all going to happen?

Nar: On the night of August 4th or morning of Aug. 5th, depending on where you live. You will have to tune into NASATV to watch the action live. Then check out the Curiousity website at JPL to follow the rovers progress and learn Mars’ history and present along with project scientists.

Johnny: OK! I Will!

Closing music, credits, end….

Video Prep Work

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Video week is really two weeks! Oh, what fun!

Last week we were doing a lot of prep work, familiarizing ourselves with the available software programs for video editing and starting to plan our assignment completion for the unit of study in ds106. Here are the assignments that I’ve scoped out and started planning:

Video Assignments 376—Return to the Silent Era (5 stars) gave me the challenge of using a modern movie trailer and creating a silent, black and white version reminiscent of the Silent Film era of cinematography. I’m going to use the trailer for Act of Valor, a movie from last year where the “actors” are genuine Navy Seals. I think this trailer will lend itself nicely to this task.


For Video Assignment 435—Serenity now! (3 stars), I will make a calming video like those displayed in a spa or used for meditation. I find the beach, especially at sunrise to be a soothing, peaceful environment for me the walk, think, reflect and just exist. On a trip to the Bahamas a few years ago, I was trying to use the time away to put things into perspective and re-prioritize my life. My soundtrack for this vacation was Led Zepplin…mostly because I love the lyrics, the melodies and the instrumentals in the songs. For these reasons, I will create a video of a beach sunrise, overlaying it with at least one Led Zepplin song. The hard part will be choosing which song to use…maybe Kashmir or something similar.

While I would love to go to the beach to film the video myself, my Outer Banks vacation isn’t until September, so I will be using a video from Creative Commons licensed video from YouTube (with the proper credits, of course) like this one:


Video Assignment 463—Watching Movies with the Stereo On (3 stars) directs me to take a movie clip and replace the original audio track with a song that somehow fits the movie scene. I picked the arrow roulette scene in the hilarious movie Grown Ups. I’m thinking I’ll dub “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 over it.

Stay tuned for the final products of these assignments!

That’s all for now, but I did get a great idea for a video assignment to add to the repository! I hope I have the time to flesh it out and develop an example later this week!

Parent Traps and Dance Battles?

Monday, July 9th, 2012

I absolutely love the Parent-Trap, it is one of the few movies I can watch over and over again. This is one of the funny prank scenes from it and I thought with the action in this, you do not really need words to describe what is going on so it would be perfect for the silent film assignment. For this movie I would probably just change the contrast so that it is in all black and white. I would also split the scenes so that it is more choppy looking, like old films were.

My other Pre-Production assignment is the play by play video assignment. I recorded a “dance battle” between some friends at a wedding a couple months back and I plan on voicing over a play by play on it. Unfortunately I recorded it with a friends camera so I cannot upload the video right now. But he is going to send it to me via email so I can do the voice over. I am able to watch the video from his Facebook right now so i can get some ideas of what I want to say.


Monday, July 9th, 2012

1. Play by Play

I like sports, so I am planning on doing a “play by play” of a video of when Shaq broke the backboard when he dunked in his younger days. I just need the video of the event and use a video editor that allows me to record my voice over top the video. While the video is playing, I will give a “play by play” of the events leading up to the big crash. Even though I told the ending, I still hope that I can make it better with my commentary skills.


2. Make a Scene from a Horror Film

I am personally not a fan of horror films, but I have watched some scary movies.  I personally want to use this as an opportunity to make my own “scene” from a horror film. I plan on creating a scene that involves my mother and my sister. I do not want to tell everything that I plan to do, but it will take place in my house, outside of my house, and in my car. HOPEFULLY. If everything goes well with the editing and recording, I am hoping I’ll create a great scene.



Pre Production of Movie Week!

Monday, July 9th, 2012

This Is My Story Tutorial 2 stars

  • Find a story worth talking about, my bike accident when I was little.
  • Sentence or two per index card
  • Find music for this particular story- iTunes-typed in instrumentals-sometimes it works to go blindly into something because the outcome can be fantastic.
  • I will put the audio and video together in iMovie and from there put the music to match the movie.
  • Last step is to upload to YouTube.


Calling All Explores 2 stars

  • Went to Lake Tahoe and took three videos of a hiking day trip I went on.
  • I plan to edit these videos together, with music in the background and some sound effects that I will look for on
  • Some of the sounds will be corny, like a heart beating or panting. Others will be natural wild sounds like birds chirping, or having a river flow by. This is about the outdoors so the noises should be based around “wildlife”
  • I will edit this video in iMovie and then upload it to YouTube. After its on YouTube I will embed it into my blog.


Make a Tutorial for your Mom 5 stars

  • What I have struggled with is how to make a video of your desktop. I’m still in the works of combining audio with the silent video. However once this step is complete I can begin making a tutorial for my mother.
  • I told her about the assignment I did for DS106 on the movie segments and reading a movie. I’m going to show her the step by step process on how I made this Youtube Video.
  • I will film myself (my desktop) on each step. The first step will be to go onto YouTube and get the URL’s. I will then upload these URL’s into a website called
  • After this downloads, I import them into iMovie. I edit it down to the length that I want.
  • I export the video and upload it onto YouTube, then embed into

Screen Capture Story 2 stars


  • I’m going to tell a story on my computer of editing a picture. I love playing around with images, like colors, size, and filters.
  • I’m going to use an image that has to do with nature, something simple and completely change it. (Just for the sake of this assignment)
  • I’m going to do this through using quick time and taking a recording of my screen.
  • I will then upload this to YouTube then to my blog!

Pre- Production Re Dub

Monday, July 9th, 2012

So I am a bit hesitant to re do or re dub any thing to do with the Duke because we all know its all classic stuff but when I was little this was one of my favorite movie scenes because I always thought it was funny how they are fighting in the mud. So my plan to re dub this is first I am going to replace the music with something modern. The hardest part is the script and deciding what to have them say. Im working on modernizing them and making them fit but at the same time they have to make sense and hopefully some humor too.