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Jamming to the Radio

Monday, July 30th, 2012

As I am sitting here, I am here dreaming and listening to ds106 radio… Can you dig it? I am actually enjoying what I am hearing, the song that is playing right now is super relaxing. The some that has started playing now, has like a country, banjo thing going on….. Uh oh now we are rocking… I can dig this radio station for sure!!!!

DS106 Radio Session

Friday, July 6th, 2012

As Martha put it so well “4life”!

The deeper and deeper I get into this course, the more I realize what Martha means by this. I got to listen in to a radio show on Tuesday July 3rd for about an hour. I had finally got the power back on after 5 days ‘in the dark’. I intially did not have my hopes set too high for it, I thought it would be uninteresting and dull. Huge local radio stations bore me most of the time, so why would this one prove different (and it is student/ds106er run)?

That turned out to be the very deciding factor in why this radio station is so awesome, ds106ers! The show at that time was about zombies. With 20 listeners tuned in from around the world, Alan started it off by setting an amazing mood and anticipation. By the time the show started, I was already very consumed by it (and I got my first shout-out on the radio!!). The show was awesome, a collection of stories from different ds106ers. Some from Fredericksburg others as far as the Canadian border, each unique and interesting in there own way. I will definitely try to not miss shows again, they are awesome! I think it takes radio back to its root of connecting, informing, and stimulating people’s imagination. Something that I believe is missing in most of today’s ‘mainstream’ radio stations.

here are some of my tweets during the radio show…