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Tragedy of the Commons

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

The title may not be the most appropriate, because it doesn’t seem to be a tragedy at all that the work is shared. I did just learn this term in regards to environmental degradation so now when I hear the word commons I immediately turn to this phrase.

Creative Commons is a non-profit out of California that has created a forum and way of sharing creative work that others can build upon… legally.

Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical
infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and

So, the CC has six different types of licenses you can use, free of charge, on your creative works. They have all combinations of permissions to…

  • editing
  • commercial/non-commercial use
  • accreditation
  • license continuance

You can search the Creative Commons database and see results immediately of CC licensed photographs that you can use.

CC receives donations and support from from Google, Mozilla, Red Hat, Best Buy, Duke, eBay, Microsoft, Nike, and more. Wikipedia uses the CC license for information on their site, and Al Jazeera has used the CC license on some broadcasts.

For licensing and honor code purposes, I used the Creative Commons website directly and Wikipedia.

Meta-Media Fluency

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Michael Wesch’s talk on new media as a learning tool illustrated the potential that multi-media operations have on the future of the world. The two men who posed as corporations and public figures to fool people who don’t have a hand on new media yet was brilliant. As is how Twitter helped publicize the conflicts in the middle-east, even after all other forms of communication were essentially banned, the government didn’t understand how to stop it.

New media can play a vital role in politics as well… I thought of this video while thinking about people who don’t understand how to work social media. (From Stephen Colbert.)

If you don’t feel like watching, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley didn’t understand twitter, and would tweet completely illegibly because he didn’t understand the process or concept. Colbert made a mockery of him and the tag #tweetslikegrassley trended when people didn’t feel like tweeting coherently. It was significant enough for me that I don’t know anything about Iowa except corn and Grassley.

Kony2012 took the world by storm a few months ago when people who had never heard of  Joseph Kony at least took notice of the atrocities he was committing.

Ultimately, I’m learning to appreciate what social media can do besides showing everybody my new beach pictures.