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flickring clouds

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Rolling the remix dice I get: haiku it up [remixed]: Media Bender — Remix Machine

Original assignment: haiku it up For the writing assignment, take a random Dailyshoot photograph and create a haiku using that image Remix Card: “Media Bender”: Change up the media for the original assignment- take a video assignment into audio or design.

So I grabbed some images from here: Take a picture of a cloud and tell us what it looks like to you using A flickr CC search toy to get the ones with suitable licenses. I skipped the cloud pictures that had annotations or drawing and and was left with six strong pictures. I wrote a haiku to go with them, dragged the images into iMovie and added a voice recording and a by Kevin MacLeod.
Nothing that any primary 5 or 6 could not do. I am not terribly please with the audio, using a usb headset mic, recorded so many times my voice loses all meaning. Better mics not avaliable and I wanted to get these 2 stars down quickly and get back on the ds106 horse.

Flickr Photos by
Dare to dream7: Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike License
@DrGarcia: Attribution-NonCommercial License
cogdogblog: Attribution License
Michael Branson Smith: Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike License
Rowan Peter: Attribution-Share Alike License
Music: Kevin MacLeod

REMIX; Creating a NEW assignment

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

This week we are doing a lot of remixes. When I got my Remix assignment, I was a little afraid. I didn’t know how exactly to remix a “5 seconds of fame” video. After thinking and thinking a thinking, I finally came up with a remix assignment. This assignment is called “IDENTIFY THIS SOUND” The steps to creating this video are as followed.

1. Take a short video clip (preferably 5 seconds)

2. Take the audio from the video.

3. Play ONLY the audio portion of the video.

5. Ask the viewer, “Can you Identify this sound”

6. Give the viewer at least 3 answer choices of what the sound could be

7. Give the viewer some time to think and then reveal the answer

8. Show the video clip, and see if you viewer guessed it right.

My video people, is a Remix of Jasmine’s 5 Sec of fame

Creating this assignment took a lot of time, but it wasn’t too hard. The steps to creating this were

1. downloading the video from Youtube using SaveVid

2. Saving the downloaded video to my computer as a MP4 video file

3. Opening the saved video in an sound editing application called WavePad

4. Extracting the sound from the original video

5. Saving the extracted sound as an MP3 audio file

6. Creating a PowerPoint and saving the slides as individual jpg pictures

7. Combining the images, audio file, and original video into a single movie using Windows Live Movie Maker

8. Publishing the created video to Youtube

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