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The Daily Creates…Not Quite Daily

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

At ds106, we are in the midst of two weeks of audio training…learning…creating…and in my case, FUMBLING!

I’ve been super busy with work, deadline looming. Too many extended days has kept me away from my daily participation in The Daily Creates. Truth be told, I did them pretty much all at once. I know that’s not the purpose behind them, but I vow to do better this week.

tdc 164—Take a picture of construction.

This Site Under Construction

I kinda feel like I copped out a little on this one. I pass many construction zones on my commute to work, but I have never been able to stop and take a pic. In my frantic attempt to complete my required number of Daily Creates this week, I tried to get creative on construction. First I thought of doing “cardstruction” but was unable to find a deck of cards to work with AND I noticed someone else had already used that idea. Wanting to be original, I did an internet search for sites under construction and I found this neat front page of a webpage under construction! I took a screenshot, converted to a jpeg, and now I have a picture of construction! Haha!

tdc166—Take a photo of something that makes you sick.


So I’m thinking about things that make me sick for this challenge. And I’m wondering…why in the world would anyone want to photograph of something that makes them sick! Ha! When I think “sick”, I think literally getting sick, vomiting. Well, I vomit when I have the flu…or when I was pregnant, but I can’t really photograph THAT, so what else makes me sick? Too much drink! The truly foul offender, Goldschlager, is no longer allow in my home, because the shear sight or smell of it makes my stomach flip! Well, Jagermeister can be just as vulgar and I had some in my freezer. And it was pulled from the depths of its frozen home for a quick photo shoot…and then back to the freezer it went, without even cracking it open. Nothing special about the photography here, just point and shoot from an angle.

tdc168—Take a closer look at where you spend a lot of time. Photograph something there you never noticed before.

Dust Bunnies Living on the Edge

Another prime example of ds106, changing the way I look at things! I tried to take the challenge to heart and really look for something that I hadn’t noticed before. I started roaming my house, focusing on the rooms I spend the most time in: living room, kitchen, even the front porch. But I found a surprise in my bedroom! I changed my usual range of vision and looked high and low. Up high, near the peak of the cathedral ceiling, there is a ledge. I never go up there, it’s about 9 feet above the floor. For the same reason, I don’t display anything up there either, because then I’d have to climb up there to clean it. Well, I think I really should climb up there for the first time in 6 years. Apparently there is so much dust accumulating up there that even the dust bunnies are ready to commit Harry Carry. They are closing in on me, waiting to accost me in my sleep! I had to make some adjustment to the camera to capture the image. Without fiddling with the settings, the first few images didn’t show the fine details of dust. Zoom, adjust, and shoot, then I got it! Maybe I’ll have time to do some deep cleaning after my summer classes are over. This is a little embarrassing!