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Last week’s Daily Creates

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Although I did these last week, I’m just getting the blog post done for them. Sorry for keeping you suspense, but I am slightly behind on my blogging due to an injury I sustained over the weekend. Wish it was at least a good story to tell but it’s not. Just a stupid accident at home that left me with a concussion and a massive headache for a few days. Feeling well enough today to get back to the grind, so here we go…

tdc 177—Take a picture that presents wildness.

Wild Butterfly on Wild Flower

I took this beautiful image in my mother’s garden last week. Even with the crazy heat we’ve been having here in Virginia, the flowers are flourishing, attracting wild butterflies and bees. It was amazing to watch them and try to capture a pretty photo. This image was made possible by the incredible zoom on my camera. I was able to watch for a distant and zoom it on the resting butterfly.


tdc 179—Make a photograph of a plastic object that you’ve used today.

Plastics Keep Me Cool

My favorite plastic accessory of the past week has been my water bottles! The heat has been nearly unbearable and I am not going anywhere with one! This one was fresh from the frig and immediately formed condensation when I step outside. Simple point and shot image…no fancy imagery here.

Two more daily creates coming next week…