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Daily Creates — Week 9

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Another week gone like dust in the wind! Sorry to report that I fell off the daily create challenge this week, after completing 8 consecutive challenges, but here’s the 3 I did get published:

tdc190 - Flip the decibels. Make a loud sound soft, or a soft sound loud.

This wasn’t too difficult to do. I walked around my home, tuning up my listening skills to hear soft sounds that I probably over look. It’s been hot as Hades here in Fredericksburg this summer and my AC has been working overtime. I admit, I’m fearing the resulting electric bill! The AC softly blows the lovely cold air from the vents in a glorious, quiet murmur of sound. Almost a white noise, usually taken for granted. To get this sound bit, I simply turned on my SoundCloud app on my iPhone and stuck it into the vent to capture the sound…and nothing but the beautiful sound of cool air comforting me! No alterations necessary, worked like a charm.


tdc191 – Illustrate attraction in a photograph today.


My first idea for this challenge was to photograph the stray dog hair that is usually attracted to my work clothes, but, of course, the one time I want to see it there, it wasn’t. So I took a stroll through my home again, and a walk down memory lane. A stuffed Simba and Nala from the Lion King are attracted by a magnet in their noses! The Lion King was my oldest son’s very 1st favorite movie and he carried the VHS tape with him EVERYWHERE! I found these guys among the other well-loved but forgotten childhood treasures.  (circa 1994?)


tdc192 – Make a video that represents the concept of flight (but not a bird).

I wanted to record a butterfly or dragonfly fluttering around, but the weather apparently wasn’t pretty enough or they are camera-shy and hiding. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t find any even though I looked for them for hours. Oh, well. Next best thing for flight…and airport! Fortunately for me, my office overlooks Dulles International Airport! Unfortunately, my timing was off and I was unable to capture the arrival or departure of aircraft. So I simply recorded a sample of my view of the airport and it’s activities from my vantage point. Not too exiting, I’d say, but it was original!

Next week is the last for daily creates for ds106, although I plan on continuing to participate, as time allows. It’s a good excuse to keep “making art, damn it!” if even on a smaller scale! :)