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Speed Cooking show

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

For this mission I had to create a 30 second documentary that showed, rather than told.

I decided to document something I’m amazing it… making sandwiches. I’m good in the kitchen (but no baking, can’t bake to save my life), the only thing I’m probably better at is eating and enjoying food (I have to soul of a 300lb chef).

I decided to make it a bit amusing by speeding up the process (I did so manually- as in a made my sandwich extremely quickly lol) and by taking myself VERY seriously. The sandwich is sauted chicken breast and a eggplant based paste called “Baba Ghanooj” (its like humus, except with eggplants… its amazing). Nothing fancy, but a masterpiece nonetheless because … well it was made by me.

As funny as it is, I think it has a deeper meaning. That sometimes the attitude is what makes it a feast, not the food. A slice of pizza and a soda can be turned into a feast if the approach is proper. This is a huge part of me. I’m big on sharing meals, and really appreciate good food; I think it is a universal that brings people together.

Well enough of my rant, here it is…….