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A Whole New World

Friday, June 8th, 2012

This challenge is about placing members of your family in a world that’s too big for them. I chose to place my mum next to some daffodils. The two photos were taken metres apart within seconds, but in this photo they juxtapose well.


I used this video from Serif’s own bank of tutorials to help me with this technique, which was new to me.

The greatest challenges – and how to overcome them – are:

1. Choosing a good image of your subjects – the cleaner the background, the easier it will be to remove them from it.  I made the mistake of choosing a pic of my mum in front of a historic house!

2. Fine tuning those virtual scissors - again, choosing a nice simple image is key, but also be sure to use the ‘zoom’ tool when you’re extracting people from your original scene as even the smallest bits of background will show up in your new creation

3. Is it a fitting tribute? - as you choose your images, it’s wise to consider your subject’s expression, their body language and what they’re wearing… before you place a beautifully cut out skier on a lush green meadow….

Thanks for the challenge, ds106!

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