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Create A New You

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

For this assignment, I went back to the handy dandy camp packing list, per usual! When I used PicMonkey for my first visual assignment, I noticed that there were many photo editing tools which could potentially be used to “improve” one’s appearance. I started off with a photo of myself and uploaded it to the free, web-based photo editing site, PicMonkey.

Create A New You: Original

(Original photo)

I did the typical edits, such as sharpening and cropping. Then, I selected the “Touch Up” editing tool on the site. It is represented by the lipstick tube symbol. I experimented with all of the effects. Under the “skin” touch-ups, there is a blemish fix, airbrush tool, wrinkle remover, shine reduce, blush boost, and spray tan. The “mouth” touch-ups include teeth whitening and lip tint. When I first whitened my teeth, it reminded me of an episode of Friends where Ross overly whitens his teeth for a date. It was almost scary looking! Who knew teeth could ever be too white?!

The “eye” touch-up tools include eye brightening, mascara, eye tint, and red eye remover (I did not use because I had previously dered my eyes in the photo). And finally, “the rest” of the touch-up tools included weight loss, highlights, and clone (something I also did not use).

Create A New You: Edited

I tried to implement all of the touch up tools at least a little, though I used some more than others. For instance, I used the spray tan and blemish remover. Though my eyes are naturally blue, I believe they were originally red in the photo, so I edited it with red eye removal, making my eyes dark and somewhat colorless. My eyes are not naturally as blue as they are in the edited photo, but I thought it was cool to see what it might look like! Honestly, I think I look really fake in the edited photo, but it was worth a try! Maybe I just didn’t do a good job editing ;)

A few years off

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Create a new you — MISSION: DS106 an easy one for 2 stars, if I was counting. I just took off a couple of year so fairly subtile. Read a couple of googled tuts for photoshop: Removing Wrinkles – Photoshop Tutorials and another one I’ve lost.

more intersting, to me, is the Before After WordPress Plugin. I’d used the Javascript before so was please to find a plugin.