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Week 9

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 

Dear Mom, Dad, and sissies,

This week, we are studying remix. Here is a video message of me talking about my time at camp this week.

Love- Marcey


Weeks 7 & 8

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 

Dear Mom and Dad,

Here’s a video message from Camp Magic Macguffin. We are working on video and movies this week.

Miss you!

xoxo Marcey

Weeks 3 & 4

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Camp has been really busy. I have learned a lot these last two weeks at camp. I am learning about Creative Commons Licenses. I’ve been learning about being a better photographer and I have been working on lots of visual assignments and design assignments. I attached some of them below:

Common Everyday Object

Make Your Own Jackson Pollock

Draw It: Edited

Warhol Tux

My favorite is the one of Tux. Hope you like them!! Also, I installed some plug-ins on my blog. Now you can see my tweets on it without even logging into Twitter. It’s really cool! I tried playing on Minecraft but it was kind of confusing and I am not too fond of it. I really like everyone in my bunk. They are super nice!

Miss you and love you!

xoxo Marcey

P.S. I got Camper of the Week during Week 4 at camp! I’m so excited!

Week 10: Interview with DS106 student, marcey109

Saturday, July 28th, 2012


-What did you expect this class to be like? What did it end up being like?

At first, I was extremely overwhelmed with the course material presented. I was scared it would be too much when I looked at the syllabus and introduction videos. I was worried that I would not “be good at” the course. I relaxed a bit after the first two weeks, as I had lots of free time on my hands. Also, at first, I lacked confidence when submitting my projects. I thought all the computer whizzes would make fun of my work! I am not used to sharing my assignments on the world wide web. I got lots of good feedback and that really helped me grow as a DS106 student. I gained lots of confidence and knew I could complete the work. When my job started (amongst other events), I began to get very overwhelmed again and my work started piling up. I was extremely busy. I wish I had more time this summer; I realized that having two jobs and taking an online class is not quite as easy as I thought!

-What work that you did are you most proud of? What assignment do you wish you could do over?

I am proud of my “Mashup Those Movies” and “Troll Quotes” assignments. I thought I approached them with a creative attitude! At first, I wished I could redo my “Create A New You” assignment, but then, I ended up creating a new assignment (“Overedit yourself!”) in the DS106 assignment repository, based on what I wished I had done in the original assignment. It actually worked out really well! Some of my assignments were submitted late because I didn’t realize I hadn’t published the blog post (they were saved as drafts)! I wish I had submitted those on time.

-If you could pick one thing you did and keep working on it, what would it be, and how would you expand upon or change it?

I spent a lot of time on the work I submitted; there’s not much I would want to change. I would go back and work on my weekly letters home, because I often times would jot some stuff down in a draft, then forget about them! I would also try to spend more time on Minecraft. Quite honestly, I avoided it because I was frustrated and I kept getting killed by zombies?!?! After working with kids all day, that was always defeating to come home to!

-How do you think you will use the skills and ideas you’ve been introduced to in this class in the future?

I hope to continue to tell my digital story. I think in the future, my ability to use editing resources will come in handy when I have a job. Maybe I will be able to make my own visuals for the classroom? After this class, I feel very technologically savvy. There’s something to say about tech savvy teachers. Most of my grade school teachers (except the computer ones, of course) were never very good with the internet, or even really the computer. It was often the students instructing the teachers what to do, which always bothered me. I feel like my knowledge has broadened and I can pass it on to my students. Maybe they too will share their stories digitally? I plan to encourage those of age to do so.

-What did you like about this class? What did you hate about it?

I liked how interactive the class was. The assignments were fun and I got a chance to be creative. I also liked how we were divided up into cabins and given the chance to interact with others through the internet, since we were not in a classroom environment. Even though I got very frustrated at times, I never felt alone. I appreciated how the professors gave so much feedback and assistance. When I needed help, they reached out to me. It is nice to know they care so much about the success of their students. I hope I too, one day, can be a teacher who is not just doing her job, but wanting to do her job, because others benefit (students learn). It is truly a rewarding occupation!

Hate is a strong word, but I was definitely not a fan of Minecraft…

-What was your favorite assignment? Why? What was your least favorite assignment? Why?

I really, really enjoyed all of the Visual Assignments. I’ve always been interested in photography and editing photos. I think I liked the “Warhol Something” assignment best, where I “Warholed” a photo of my beloved dog, Tux. Because I got to pick most all of my assignments, I didn’t really like any of them “least.” I definitely preferred the DS106 Missions over the video/reading reactions. The missions were more hands-on and got me much more excited to blog.

-What is your fondest camp memory?

My fondest camp memories include my first campfire and my late night talks with my dear friend and bunkmate, Kavon. I was warmly welcomed into camp by my counselors and fellow campers. They all made my transition to camp very easy and provided comfort along the way.

 -What advice would you give future #ds106 students? 

Advice for #DS106 students

05/25 Letter Home

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, and family,

During my first week at Camp Magic MacGuffin, I’ve been helping the camp directors set up my activities! I’ve also been doing lots of unpacking. You remember how long it took me to pack up everything I needed for camp! I already had a Google account, but now I also have a Flickr account for photo sharing, a YouTube account for video sharing, a SoundCloud account for sharing sound clips, and finally, a Twitter account, for, well…tweeting! My fellow campers and camp counselors/directors all follow me on Twitter. I follow them too. When we tweet at each other, we use hashtag “#ds106″ to categorize our posts. When you click the hashtag, you will be able to see all the people talking about that category! My picture on the sites is of our puppy, Tux! I used his picture as an icon to represent all of my new accounts. I set up my profile for the DS106 class, listing all of these new accounts. My new website,, is being set up. I will write blog posts on the site. In fact, I have a new post to add. We watched a video presentation by Michael Wesch, an expert in internet culture. He was a keynote speaker at UMW last year. I wrote a blog post reacting to his speech. It was very informative and taught me a lot about the internet. It is so important to educate the next generation (my future students) on how to use the internet properly to tell their story!

I have downloaded a virtual world program called Minecraft. You will see that on the credit card billing statement ;) We haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty cool and I am excited to get started. Eventually, our campfires will take place on that program.

I participated in my first Daily Create on Wednesday. I recorded a short video clip of myself talking about a family legend. I wrote about Mom’s mother. It was really neat to reflect and share my stories and thoughts with everyone at camp. I liked that the camp directors both responded to my video. It made me feel special!!

I wasn’t able to join the first week’s campfire, because I was away at EA’s (my best friend) graduation. Hopefully I will make it around the campfire this week though!

Camp has been lots of fun and I am looking forward to next week! Miss you!

xoxo Marcey