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Bunkhouse Design Challenge

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Your camp hosts are dancing around the campfire over the new logos and group photos we are seeing- remember, to have them added to your Bunkhouse Page, send @cogdog @campmagicmacguffin and/or @mburtis a link to a flickr page with your group’s images. If you want it to appear more quickly, slip a bag of candy corn in the envelope.

For bunkhouses that have not done the logo, we have a new design challenge this week- design a bumper sticker for your bunk. This should encapsulate the theme of your chosen name, and have a simple, bold design and message. Here is one we made for camp, and we should be seeing them soon on the bus, the row boats, the horse trailer, the limo, the weird trailer that amkes electronic noises and has an antenna on top… you get it.

Make art! Make Art! MAKE ART.