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A Latecomer to Camp Magic Macguffin

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
My Daily Create assignment No 146 – a photo that represents destruction

I joined Camp Magic Macguffin a while ago, then forgot all about it, shame on me. I joined the camp because I love digital storytelling and the DS106 activities will give me something fun to do during summer. Since I am an open participant and not doing this for credit, I hope it is still not late to start creating.

I am grateful to @olHatchetJack for showing me the way to Bunkhouse Four and to @cogdog for reminding me that I haven’t written a single blog post so far. So, here I am now.

If you are one of my regular readers and only came here looking for TEFL lesson ideas, I believe you are still at the right place. The reason why I didn’t create a separate blog for DS106 is that I think that most of the stuff I do here can be transformed into lesson ideas. Today is no exception.

The first task I have decided to tackle is “Vonnegut and The Shape of Stories”. Here is the original video:

Our task was to describe the shape of a story we are familiar with, based on Voneggut’s video. Here is my contribution:

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So, have you recognised the story yet?

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