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Toucan Sam?

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Take one of your own photographs, one from Flickr Creative Commons or one from the DS 106 Flickr group and caption it.

I used a picture that I took last year for this assignment. In Word, I used Word Art to create the caption. Then, in Photoshop, added the two together.

This picture was from a family vacation to Panama. We were driving out to a rural coastal town and stopped at an open air restaurant on the way. Surprise, they had toucans! I was fascinated because I had never actually seen a real toucan before. The toucans, however, were more fascinated by the skirt I was wearing. The caption came to me instantly. If I think of toucans my mind immediately goes to Toucan Sam and his Froot Loops. Now, with the caption in place, the entire meaning of the picture has changed. The attitude of this avian went from inquisitive to impatient. Obviously, Toucan Sam also has relatives that he doesn’t like to talk about.


Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I took this picture  in church a couple of week ago, when my cousin, Mariah, was eating a pop tart and not sharing. Every time someone someone asked her for a piece she would give them this look. When I seen the option of making a captioned picture I knew this would be the one.

I again used a photo editor called “PicsArt” and started with a blank project. I uploaded the picture and clicked the option of “Add Text.” Then a white box popped up that allowed me to add the text I wanted. (I had to do this twice, once for the word up top and then for the words down bottom). I dragged and dropped the words to where I wanted them and that was it. Her face and the caption work perfectly.

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Monday, June 11th, 2012

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