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TED Talk: “APOPcalypse”

Friday, June 8th, 2012

I took this class, I worked with this guy. Epic.

CC AttributionJim Groom talks about the crisis narrative in pop culture and how it relates to education. He discusses the ground-breaking class DS106 and how students become informed, empowered citizens of the Internet.

En Espanol | Faculty Academy: La Primera Desbaratamiento

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

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Faculty Academy es una de mis cosas favoritas del verano. Me encanta escuchar a todo las presentaciones, a los pensamientos creativos sobre las clases y proyectos. Causa revuelo en mi cabeza y me entusiasma sobre esta cosa sabemos como “aprendizaje.”

¡Es como un festival musical, pero sobre educación y tecnología! Así, un Bonnaroo tan geeky!

Faculty Academy 2012

"Faculty Academy 2010" por Flickr user orioles29

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Este FA, me divierto como siempre, aunque yo enfrente una pregunta unusual a lo demás de los participantes: ¿Qué hago con estos conocimientos? No soy profesora, maestra, ni persigo mis estudias para Masters o Ph.D. No soy una tecnóloga educativa, y dudo que alguien emplee una persona sin cualificados como mi. No sé donde está me sitio propio; quisáz ahora, supongo flotar sin objetivos, absorbiendo los conocimientos y discusiones, y un día sabré que debo hacer. Siempre me sentaba un poco sobre el mar en relación con mi sitio propio. Creo que ahora, puedo estar feliz como un participante y espectadora, contribuyendo cuando tengo algo a decir.

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Faculty Academy: The First Disruption

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

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Faculty Academy is one of my favorite things about the summer. I love listening to the presentations, all the creative thought going on behind classes and projects.  It stirs my brain and gets me excited about this thing called “learning.”

It’s like a music festival, only about education and technology! So, a really geeky Bonnaroo!

Faculty Academy 2012

"Faculty Academy 2010" by Flickr user orioles29

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This FA, I’m having as much fun as ever, though I’m faced with a question unusual to most of the participants: “What am I going to do with all this knowledge?” I’m not not a professor, teacher, nor am I currently pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. I’m not an ed-tech, and I doubt anyone would hire someone as unqualified to be one as me. I don’t know where I belong in this community; perhaps for now I’m meant to be floating along, soaking up the knowledge and debates like a sponge, and one day I’ll know what to do with it. I’ve always felt a bit at sea as to my place. I guess for now, I can be a happy participant and bystander, chipping in when I have something to say.