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Audio Assignment: Bad Company & the Chipmunks

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Mainstream Chipmunk’d: The object of this assignment is to take a mainstream artist and chipmunk them.

Bad Company meets the Chipmunks for a helium-fueled retake on a classic track.

I raised the pitch, and hopefully, THE BAR.

Glam Rock Me Baby!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012


I’m a child of the 70s, so glam rock is where it’s at for me! I saw Elton at the Garden in ’76 when he dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and rose up from a trap door in the stage floor. In an instant, my mind was opened to a new world of anything goes! It was that and all the smoke.

Topping the list of my favorites are David Bowie and Freddy Mercury of Queen. In the early 80s, they collaborated on an amazing song and video called “Under Pressure.” The video looks like a mashup you’d see on the web today, completely ahead of its time: .
While I’m laying down some basic tracks, I initially need vocals. We can use them as reference tracks as we go along, or we may keep them, who knows? For now, vocals is what I need.”Under Pressure” resonates more today than during the Reagan era that it was born to.  This song begs for a revisit in the 21st century using the 21st century’s capability for crowdsourcing. So, what say you, campers and all those DS106 people out there? Help me with the first step.

Please do me the favor of uploading a track of your singing, shouting, talking, or overdramatically-reading the lyrics to the song Under Pressure. Please do it acapella (that means no instrumentation, just your voice). If you are off-key, that’s what autotune is for, if we need to. I kinda like offkey. I will be laying down the initial tracks in the original E flat major if you are musically inclined. Otherwise, on-key is optional :)

The lyrics are here:

How to upload and record? Get a SoundCloud account. You caneither record right there or upload right there. Then, put your track in the “Zazzy Under Pressure” group at .

Looking forward to hearing you explore your vocal chops, as they say in the “BIZ.”

En Espanol | Faculty Academy: La Primera Desbaratamiento

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Click here to read this post in English.

Faculty Academy es una de mis cosas favoritas del verano. Me encanta escuchar a todo las presentaciones, a los pensamientos creativos sobre las clases y proyectos. Causa revuelo en mi cabeza y me entusiasma sobre esta cosa sabemos como “aprendizaje.”

¡Es como un festival musical, pero sobre educación y tecnología! Así, un Bonnaroo tan geeky!

Faculty Academy 2012

"Faculty Academy 2010" por Flickr user orioles29

Click aquí a ver esta foto en Flickr.

Este FA, me divierto como siempre, aunque yo enfrente una pregunta unusual a lo demás de los participantes: ¿Qué hago con estos conocimientos? No soy profesora, maestra, ni persigo mis estudias para Masters o Ph.D. No soy una tecnóloga educativa, y dudo que alguien emplee una persona sin cualificados como mi. No sé donde está me sitio propio; quisáz ahora, supongo flotar sin objetivos, absorbiendo los conocimientos y discusiones, y un día sabré que debo hacer. Siempre me sentaba un poco sobre el mar en relación con mi sitio propio. Creo que ahora, puedo estar feliz como un participante y espectadora, contribuyendo cuando tengo algo a decir.

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