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Friday, July 27th, 2012

So after taking part in the 7 day challenge , I decided it was only right to also do its mash-up assignment. At first I had no idea where to even start… so I started going through the daily create archive. As I viewed creation after creation, it sort of bloomed into the idea that is my mash up. The recipe:

- 8 Daily Creates <– catipilar pic <— water lapping sound <– took some water scene from this one <— ocean prop telemarket <– ocean pic <— tornadoe on ocean pic <—- shaky cup in storm clip <— wind and rain

- a little voice recording

- VideoPad Video Editor (shout out to Chanda for exposing me to it!) <– check out her blog its awesome!

- some cool transitions

- a sprinkle of humor

I took a telemarketing sound clip, and cut it off with a rude warning of a storm. There have been storm warnings almost every other day here in Northern Va for the past few weeks, so it was only right.

Mashing Up Daily Creates

Friday, July 20th, 2012

I accepted cogdog’s challenge last week to do daily creates every day for seven days. As of today, I’m going on 8, but I haven’t done today’s yet. Anyway, since issuing his challenge there has been more consistent participation on The Daily Create site, so the timing was good to do Mashup Assignment 609 (5 stars).

I started by reviewing the TDC archives for July 11-17, 2012. Two of these were video so I decided to start with those and fit the others in like puzzle pieces! Starting with Martha’s mysterious The Most Amazing Technology video (tdc189), I downloaded it and imported it into VideoPad. I think this is when I decided to go with an ominous, mystery compilation, building on the mood of her video. Moving along, I assessed the other tdcs and proceeded to fit them together. I turned TDC 185 – tornado by Malyn Mawby into a video by applying the film effect to make it move and shimmy like a real tornado. Importing it back into VideoPad, I positioned it at the beginning of the track and overlayed Tdc190 boilingwater by Malyn Mawby as a soundtrack over the tornado for additional effect.

For the next segment, I used No TV. Just static (tdc187) by Audrey Watters. Overlayed on this segment of track is the Morse code sound bits from the NCH Sound Effects Library, included in VideoPad, and a short piece of TDC188 Telemarketing Call by mrswanson. I trimmed this soundclip down to fit the video piece and keep the overall project to a shorter time. I added two more Morse code sound bits on the end to transition into Martha’s technology video segment.

To wind down the entire project and include a few more tdc projects, I inserted a blank slide after her video to showcase My strongest attraction #tdc191 by Martha and emphasize her statement of being the most amazing thing she’s ever experienced. After that clip, I merged two photos, by inserting Jacques Cartier, Over the St. Lawrence by aforgrave (tdc184) into the video track and overlaying it with a cropped version of Rainbows by robertss (tdc186). To wrap it all up, I inserted scrolling credits to the contributor’s projects that helped create this compilation.

In the end, I used 8 tdcs instead of the required 7. This was a fun project to do, even though, yet again the final product is not exactly as fluid as I envisioned it to be.

I hope I’ve done cogdog and ds106 proud with this new Mashup Assignment!

Recap of all the bits and pieces that made this assignment special: