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Monday, July 30th, 2012

I created this assignment, for the Mash Up section. I would say this assignment is worth 3-4 stars. Go through all your DS106 videos and create a blooper reel!

I went through the old unedited videos I had, and I had tons of mishaps and taken out parts. I put them all together and got this awesome final product…


  • 1. Open all old video files that might or could have some mess-ups in them. For camp or otherwise.
  • 2. Upload them into a video editor ( I used VideoPad)
  • 3. snip through the ‘good’ stuff, and keep all the funny moments, mess-ups, and behind the scenes material.
  • 4. Mix them up all together in random order. Slow scenes down, speed them up, give them special affects as you please.
  • 5. Add an introductory title to your reel
  • 6. Post and enjoy!!

This Assignment really ment a lot to me. It was a reminder of all the fun I had during DS106, and was very funny to watch. I love bloopers from films that I watch, so I figured why wouldn’t I have bloopers myself?!

Tutorial “What Color is Your World?”

Sunday, July 29th, 2012


What Color is your world?


Step 1

On a normal day, make sure to have a camera of a phone with decent photo quality with you. Pick a color to photograph throughout the day, found on different objects like a car, traffic signs, breakfast, anything at all.


Step 2

Upload these images onto your computer


Step 3

Pick a song that correlates with the color you chose. It can be said in the lyrics, described through different words, certain objects that are the color you chose. For example for the color blue I chose the song “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 64.


Step 4

Use an editing tool to upload these images or if you took a short film segment of any of the colors. IMOVIE is a good tool to use or something similar.


Step 5

For IMOVIE – go to File-Import for any film segments shot, if uploading a photo on the right hand side in the middle, there is a tool bar of a camera, itunes logo, a T and transition slides. Click on the camera to upload all images.


Step 6

Once the images are in place, I made a transitional phase for each photo such as “dissolve” or “open door”, to do this click on the box that has two sideways triangles facing each other. There are multiple options to choose from, pick whichever ones are the most interesting to you.


Step 7

The next step is to click on the music button and choose the song that you wish to choose for this assignment. Drag the song and place it in the “project” portion of IMOVIE. To fade in or fade out click on the star located on the green bar, shown in the images below.

Bluescreen1 © by katherinekd101

Bluescreen2 © by katherinekd101



















Step 8

An additional edit I made was putting filters on each image. Below are snapshots of how this is done.

BlueScreen3 © by katherinekd101

BlueScreen4 © by katherinekd101


















Bluescreen2 © by katherinekd101

BlueScreen1 © by katherinekd101



















Step 9

The final step is to export the finished product. Go to share then press export movie.


Step 10

Upload the film onto YouTube and tag it with the appropriate tagging

A double stuffed BUFFALAX

Friday, July 27th, 2012

As I was searching for videos to add subtitles to for this assignment, I randomly ran across this one and new it was perfect! It’s like a double stuffed oreo buffalax.

So check this- It’s a video of an African man singing a Hindi song… then both him and his Indian friend (who is shooting the video) proceed to talk in English. He expresses his love for India and Hindi music.

First lets get a little deep, put on your scuba-gear please…

Scuba Gear

This video is a beautiful example of identity, globalization, and expression. This is a Hindi song being song by a man who has never been to India, and is of a culture thousands of miles away from it. Yet he sings it beautifully, and you can see how much he loves it. An Indian man is filming this. This alone is showing how people of cultures thousands of miles away are so connected through something like music. Also that they both communicate via English. A language not even originated in either of there cultures. This is also a show of globalization (as well as colonialism, I’m going to take a wild guess and state that there connection was probably made during the age of colonialism. Probably both colonized by the British back in the day- India definitely was). While I’m no fan of colonialism, I see a beautiful mashup of cultures here.

Now for my creation…

-My brother in this video needs some bengay bengay

- He thinks its pierre, but changes his mind and decides its booger

- It is numb, his son is numb, Taryka (his girl?) is numb… he needs more (bengay)

… As you can all see this is serious. Someone help the man….


Friday, July 27th, 2012

So after taking part in the 7 day challenge , I decided it was only right to also do its mash-up assignment. At first I had no idea where to even start… so I started going through the daily create archive. As I viewed creation after creation, it sort of bloomed into the idea that is my mash up. The recipe:

- 8 Daily Creates <– catipilar pic <— water lapping sound <– took some water scene from this one <— ocean prop telemarket <– ocean pic <— tornadoe on ocean pic <—- shaky cup in storm clip <— wind and rain

- a little voice recording

- VideoPad Video Editor (shout out to Chanda for exposing me to it!) <– check out her blog its awesome!

- some cool transitions

- a sprinkle of humor

I took a telemarketing sound clip, and cut it off with a rude warning of a storm. There have been storm warnings almost every other day here in Northern Va for the past few weeks, so it was only right.

Black Passion

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

For this assignment we had to mix together different movie posters to create one movie. I mixed up a picture of Natalie Portman from “Black Swan” and Johnny Depp from “Edward Scissorhands” to create my own movie poster entitled “Black Passion.”

I had no idea where to start for this assignment. So I just started browsing on the internet under images for movie posters. I came across “Black Swan” and thought…hmmm I could work with this. I wanted to try and do something dark, since she looks kind of wicked in this picture. I then thought of Edward Scissorhands, since he is kind of a dark, well looks wise at least, character. I liked how if I were to put the pictures next to each other it looked as if he was staring at her.

I went under paint and used the free form shape to trace around the Black Swan picture and then I cropped and saved it. I then opened up a new paint document and cropped Edward Scissorhand’s picture. I then added Edward’s picture to the Black Swan picture. I adjusted the sizes so they would be close to matching and made the background black. I looked up different quotes from both movies and the quotes listed on my picture are from Edward Scissorhands. In the real movie it is actually the female character who says “Hold me” and Edward who says “I can’t.” I decided to switch them because in this picture it looks like Edward is yearning for the Black Swan and she looks cold and distant.

For the title I tried to mix and match the titles of both the movies but it did not really work out, so I came up with “Black Passion” because they are both “dark characters” and one could assume from the picture that there is a love interest.

Black Passion

Mashing Twilight all together now!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

So for this assignment we had to find a sequence of movies and mash scenes from each movie to make into one trailer. It was easy for me to figure out which movies I wanted to do…..Twilight! Because like I have mentioned before I do love Twilight, yes I realize it is very corny. Anyways, I went on Youtube to find different scenes from each of the films. Once I did so I uploaded each Youtube clip onto MPEG Streamclip where I edited them down to size. Once that was accomplished I uploaded each edited clip onto Windows Movie Maker and edited it down to size a little more so that the movie would flow better. I then added a credits slide and uploaded it to Youtube and I was done!


Chick Flick MashUp

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

For this particular Mashup Assingment ( we had to take elements from multiple movie posters and mash them up into one. You can change anything- the caption, the title, the main image, etc. Lastly, make it seem like it could be a real movie. To do this assignement I started off by looking threw netflix  to get some ideas. I ended up coming across this movie called My Bestfriend’s Wedding, after watching  the movie I had the best idea ever and that was to combine that movie with the movie title “He’s Just Not That into You.” The reason I choose that movie was because in the picture clip i got from My Bestfriend’s Wedding there’s a guy talking to a girl and another girl standing off to the back.

The Ultimate Trilogy Mashup

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

For this particular assignment ( (4pts) we had to make a movie trailer by taking a trilogy, or any series of movies and combine scenes from all the trailers to make one trailer. I decided to do Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. The reason I choose to do Batman, is because it was one of my favorite comics growing up as a kid. No matter how old I get, I still think that I can be a superhero, and honestly who doesn’t want to be Batman or Cat Woman?  Also, because it was the latest trilogy released, and of course I had to see the midnight premier with all 3 Batman movies playing back to back. It was AWESOME! For this assignment I ended up downloading the movies to my computer. Then I edited them in Windows Live Movie Maker, saved it, then I uploaded it to  YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.

Mashup Those Movies

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Cady talking about Regina in Mean Girls: “I have this theory that if you cut off all her hair she’d look like a British man.”

Mashup Those Movies

For my first Mashup Assignment, I chose Mashup Those Movies. Naturally, I chose a movie poster for Mean Girls and edited on Aviary. I Google Imaged Mean Girls movie posters, and I found a poster where the girls were making “shh” signals. I thought it would be funny to remix this picture with a movie called She’s the Man, because the caption on the She’s the Man movie poster says, “Everybody has a secret…,” so by combining the two, it would suggest that one of the Plastics (from Mean Girls), was a man, something that provided me with great amusement. I used my computer’s photo editing program, iPhoto, to crop the “She’s the Man” movie title and the “Everybody has a secret..” movie caption from the original poster. I saved them to my desktop and imported the files to my Mean Girls poster that I had already uploaded to Aviary. I positioned them as I liked and saved the file!

Could it be Regina? Watch the movie and you’ll find out…


Mashing Up Movies Underwater

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Sadly, I don’t really watch too many movies, but the few movies I watch are mainly animated. Why? I am a big kid at heart and animated movies has a way of keeping me young. Well, that is my story and I’m sticking to it. The assignment that allowed me to mash up movies, was one that I over-looked first. Then as I was going through the other assignments I got an idea of how to do this assignment.

My favorite movie of all time is TAKEN. Which is about a CIA agents who’s daughter gets kidnapped and he has to look for her. My favorite childhood movies were FINDING NEMO, which is about a fish that is separated from his father, and he father has to find him;  and DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR, which is about a boy that basically looks for his car the whole movie. My favorite animated movie on from Disney is CARS. Which is about a race car that gets lost and finds himself in a deserted town. The car’s name is Lightning McQueen and all he wants is to get back to the big race.

What I did was take the 4 movies and put them into one poster. Which is below..



I created a whole new movie, called “Taken 2: Finding Lightning McQueen” [Taken 2] is from the movie TAKEN, [Finding] is from FINDING NEMO, and [Lightning McQueen] is from CARS. The poster includes a picture of [Dory] from the movie FINDING NEMO and a quote. The quote [Dude, Where's my Car] is from the movie DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR. In all the 4 movies are combined into a poster for a new movie


1. downloaded the photo of Dory from Google

2. saved it to my computer

3. opened the program Photovisi

4. Imported the photo of Dory as my background

5. Clicked “ADD TEXT” in Photovisi

6. Added the quotes and dragged them to where I wanted them.

7. Saved the project

8. Downloaded it to my computer

9. uploaded it to my blog


This project did not take long to do. It was very fun, but had to be done decent. I hope you enjoyed it. For more [Mashup that Movie]