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Monday, July 30th, 2012

I created this assignment, for the Mash Up section. I would say this assignment is worth 3-4 stars. Go through all your DS106 videos and create a blooper reel!

I went through the old unedited videos I had, and I had tons of mishaps and taken out parts. I put them all together and got this awesome final product…


  • 1. Open all old video files that might or could have some mess-ups in them. For camp or otherwise.
  • 2. Upload them into a video editor ( I used VideoPad)
  • 3. snip through the ‘good’ stuff, and keep all the funny moments, mess-ups, and behind the scenes material.
  • 4. Mix them up all together in random order. Slow scenes down, speed them up, give them special affects as you please.
  • 5. Add an introductory title to your reel
  • 6. Post and enjoy!!

This Assignment really ment a lot to me. It was a reminder of all the fun I had during DS106, and was very funny to watch. I love bloopers from films that I watch, so I figured why wouldn’t I have bloopers myself?!